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South Andaman, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India - 744103
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This is a high-speed Catamaran Passenger Ferry. Catamaran is a twin hull vessel and the advantage is that it offers ‘highspeed’, ‘better stability’ and ‘more space’.The vessel has 2 decks with passenger capacity of 280. It presents three classes for its guests – 208 seats in Premium, 64 seats in Deluxe and 8 seats in Royal. For the comfort of the passengers, the vessel is fully air-conditioned by approx. 30 Ton rating system. It can attain a maximum speed of 32 nautical miles but will be cruised at approximately 22 - 24 nautical miles and is expected to cover the distance between Port Blair and Havelock Island in about 90 minutes. The Engine Room is suitable for operation as unmanned machinery space supported by automatic fire-detection system.
All of our Andaman and Nicobar Islands Honeymoon Packages and other Andaman Packages contains this cruise, sometimes during off season (June - August) when this cruise is not sailing then Green Ocean or Government Ferry is provided.
The Bridge is similar to a Cockpit of an Aircraft where the Master and his assisting officer with the help of an integrated operating station can navigate this craft safely while they are seated. This vessel meets the latest global standards of safety in terms of ‘life-saving’, ‘fire-fighting’, ‘navigational’ and ‘communication’ systems. Like in an Aircraft, life-jackets are provided under each seat. In a case of an emergency, when the vessel has to be abandoned, we have special reversible type ‘lift-rafts’, which can be accessed by Marine Evacuation Systems.

All procedures to be followed in the case of an emergency are demonstrated by a safety video film before departure of the vessel. All the spaces on the vessel including the toilets have ‘smoke’ and ‘heat’ detectors. No smoking is permitted on the vessel. The materials used for the interiors including the seats are also of ‘fire-retardant’ type. The navigational and communication equipments on board are capable of meeting operational requirements of safe ship handling, receive meteorological warnings and forecasts, coordinating search and rescue operations and meeting any call of distress and urgency.
Each location of the vessel is monitored from the Bridge through CCTV arrangements. There is also a voyage date recorder installed on the Bridge that records all the communication and parameters from all equipments and machineries. The state of the art interiors include internationally accepted safety equipments, central announcement system; total of seven television sets: one 42 inch television for Premium class passengers, four 19 inch televisions on both decks and two 14 inch televisions for Royal cabins. The inboard Kiosk is well stocked and can cater to all age groups; huge transparent dark glass windows that run throughout the entire length of the ship’s lower deck and upper deck seating area enables even the passengers seated at the far end to have a personalized view of the panorama. The craft’s onboard crew gives personalized services to each of the guests.
MAKRUZZ personifies the beauty and friendliness of the Dolphin, its mascot and is synonymous with gracious hospitality, panoramic view, plush interiors and unmatched speed.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS * Passenger should carry a valid photo ID Card at the time of check-in.
* Reporting time ONE HOUR prior to departure.
* Check-in Counter closes 15 minutes prior to departure
* Boarding closes 10 minutes prior to departure
* Correction of name is not permitted in ticket once booked. So please ensure the correct name of each passenger

CHILD POLICY * Child above 2 years is chargeable
* Rupees 105 for infant (age 7 days to 2 years)

PEAK SEASON SURCHARGE Rupees 100/- extra per ticket from December 01 - January 31
Additional 100 Rupees from 15-December - 15-January
Meal complimentary for Deluxe and Royal class passengers

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